What other dog owners are saying

Guess what, my Chihuahua is completely housebroken now! I used to have so much difficulty getting Frankie to not do his business all over my house. I used your methods to housetrain him and it has worked wonders on him!

– Amanda Silver from Glasgow, Scotland


I used your tips to start training my Yorkshire Terrier puppy Grace a few weeks after I got her. With just a few days of training, I have managed to get Grace to come when called and stop pulling on her leash.

She is also completely housebroken now. I am so happy I discovered your site. I have had other dogs in the past, but none of them were as easy to train as Grace has been thanks to your site.

– Cassandra Wallace from Scranton, Pennsylvania


My beautiful Doberman Sophie was completely out of control. With your workshop I learnt how to make it obvious to her what was not acceptable.

And she got it too. Amazing results.

– Gina Meyer (Sophie’s Mom) from Galveston, Texas


I rescued a 3.5 year old German Shepherd from the shelter a few months ago. The poor thing had not been trained properly by his previous owners and was quite aggressive and skittish and used to bark for no reason at all.

I came across your site while searching for ways to train him and am so glad I did. Thanks to your workshop, he is now a lot calmer and friendlier towards everyone and the barking has almost completely stopped now.

– Matt Jenson from Rockford, Illinois


I wanted to pass along a sincere thank you for helping out so much in Milo’s first year. He is almost 2 now and incredibly well-behaved.

I am incredibly grateful for your guidance and help. Thank you again!

– Christina Appleton from Buffalo, New York